Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Firefox 3.5 is out. I've installed it. Seems to be a bit more responsive. Kewl!

Been doing some reading on Windows 7. Lots of good buzz. Hopefully it improves on XP (won't say improves on Vista -- XP is an improvement on Vista. . . )

Haven't had any dumb calls today. Did have a guy wanting to install a printer and wondering why the PC wouldn't detect it when he hadn't turned it on yet after my post of yesterday. I could dip historical, but since you can always just bip on over to Rinkworks and hit their computer stupidities section, why bother?

Yes, I like to drop pronouns when I start sentences. I also am fond of . . . and -- too.

Currently reading 1491 again. Truly a fascinating sampling of Native American history that they didn't teach me in school. I 1st read an earlier edition a few years ago, and am surprised at both how much and how little of it I remember.

My son got a huge Lego set shipped in yesterday as a combination b-day/Xmas present from my mom. We put together about 1/2 of it last night, and today he finished it up while I'm at work. It should be fun to see how proud he is of it when I get home tonight.

CCP games released some teaser information about their upcoming patch to EVE Online. I'm looking forward to the new "sized" rigs for smaller ships. It might actually make it worthwhile to rig a frigate with something other than a shield resistance rig.

I've also been reading over some fan notes from the SOE Fan Faire from last weekend. The changes for EQ2 that are upcoming sound really good to me. I truly don't understand why so many of the forum posters are whining about the changes.

I thought this Strategy Page article about female Marines in Iraq was rather fascinating, especially due to the peek it gives toward the cultural differences in how women are treated there vs here.

I've been doing my daily scan of various news and opinion blogs also and found a rather unexpected link: Runner's World I think it's pretty cool that someone as busy as a governor can still take time to run each day. Personally I've always hated running. I love biking though. And I always tell myself I'm going to bike more, but with work and family and chores and all that... It's not that I can't make the time, it's more that I don't choose to make it. Oy, that almost sounded like the old sales lecture: "Don't ask if they have time, ask instead if you can sit down and tell them your pitch. Nobody has time, everyone has a couch."

And yeah, I'll call this good for today. Really only posting to kill time since it's pretty slow at work today. Something about it being a holiday weekend and my employer does 4-days a week, but we all get tomorrow off since the holiday's on the weekend, so today's "Friday" but a bunch of people took today off too for an even longer weekend. . . . .

Don't know if I'll add posts at home this weekend. Doubt it, really. Doubt I have anyone reading either for that matter, so who cares? ;-)

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Well one thing your blog has done is pick up someone who has a Google Alert for Magson!

Best regards - David Magson