Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Weekend Musings

My normal workweek is 4 days. The holiday last weekend made it so I got Thursday off, though, so I got a nice 4-day weekend. It was nice to have the extra time with my kids. Plus a friend hooked me up with "Plants vs Zombies" and we all got to play that... well... I controlled the mouse, but they suggest strategies and which plants to choose on the various levels.

Beat the whole "main game" in about 6 hours and started on the mini-games, but by then the kids were agitating to play WebKinz and Free Realms, so I let them to it while I went and did laundry and cleaned up and such.

My mom and sister got back from a trip to Prince Edward Island this past week, so it was fun to visit with them and hear all the stories and all that. They actually didn't spend all that much time touring the Anne of Green Gables stuff, becuz there really wasn't all that much to do in that part of the island, apparently. They did a lot of nature walks in various places, visited lighthouses, and just generally relaxed. Sounds like a trip I will want to take at some point, though I'll admit that I don't have that much interest in the Green Gables area. I never read the books. I liked the movie I saw well enough, but overall. . . meh.

My daughter had a sleepover Friday night going to Saturday, so Saturday morning the remainder of us at home went and saw Ice Age 3. It was cute, even laugh out loud funny at points. I haven't seen the 2nd one, but now I'm kinda wanting to rent that to see what I missed. I loved Simon Pegg's "Buck" character.

The funny thing about that, though -- my daughter was all stoked about how much fun she'd had on her sleepover, until she found out we'd seen a movie without her. Then it suddenly "wasn't fair" and she "didn't have much fun" on the sleepover and yadda yadda yadda. She's quite the drama queen.

We didn't really do anything specific on Saturday to celebrate the 4th, oddly enough. Lots of neighbors were doing small fireworks, which scared the dog no end. couldn't get her to do a final potty run before bed -- she just kept running back up to the door and whining to go inside. Well.. when she wasn't barking at the "screamer" type of fireworks.

I totally forgot that this was a "bonus xp" weekend on EQ2, so when I did log in a bit on my dirge, I got a pleasant surprise. Got it from level 69 to 71 and got 9 AA's in that period. Really just solo-quested in Kylong Plains zone. Still have some of the new Order of Rime quests to finish up, plus the entire Kunzar's Edge quest hub. And if I'm feeling really ambitious I suppose I oculd slaughter goblins and brutes until I get the quest starter body-drops off them, but time will tell on that. Soloing with the dirge is "ok" but it took a jump in difficulty when entering the RoK zones. Not unexpected, mind -- I've got 3 toons at 80 already, after all, as well as 2 more in their 70's -- but still something of a nuisance.

I didn't do anything much in EVE at all, other than to buy a bunch of new skill books in order to "round out" the skills I want to train in certain skill sections, then using the skill queue to train them all to at least level 2. I'm working through them all to 3 now, but at 8+ hours each, the queue only holds 3 at a time anymore, so it's slowed down a bit. Even so, it's going quickly overall. I've got just under 16 days left before I've trained the Electronics skills to where I want them and probably won't revisit that section for a LONG time to come. Once this spate of new "short skills" is trained I'll finish that off and then. . . we'll see. I've got quite a few 3's in Ship Command and Gunnery I'd like to bump to 4's, but I've also got a few Missile skills I need to work on -- I *am* a Caldari Carebear, after all. I really should be better with missiles than I am. but no.... I have better gunnery support skills and can use all the T2 small guns, but can't even use T2 rockets, much less anything else. Bad me, I know.

And on to topics others are blogging about, just 'cuz I've got an hour left at work and it's pretty slow today (only 1 "stupid story" and it's not really THAT bad, so I'm not gonna bother), so...

The $10 mount in Wizard 101
: I don't care. I don't play that game, so... makes no nevermind to me. I do have Free Realms and I've done a few of the microtransactions. Got pets for my kids' characters so they have them following them around. Got a nice robe and wand for my daughter on her wizard. She actually seems to prefer the Medic job, though, and yes, I got her a nice Medic weapon too. Got my son a pet, but he hasn't cared about getting weapons or clothes or anything. Even so, since FR came out I think I've put $60 into it, and most of that has been for fluff that doesn't even make anything useful happen in-game. If anything, the $10 mount sounds like a good deal to me.

The EVE Blog Banter #9: What game mechanic would I remove from EVE? That's easy -- insurance payouts for ships that are concordokkened. I've never been suicide ganked, so it's not a personal concern for me, but it simply doesn't make any sense that insurance would pay out to someone who committed a criminal act.

Politics: I was as surprised as anyone by Sarah Palin announcing her resignation, I suppose. The situation in Honduras is interesting, but what it all means.... I don't know. I used to care a lot more about politics, and still read several blogs about all the current events, but mostly anymore I'm one of the apathetic ones. I vote, but that's about the extent of my public participation anymore. I rarely even remember to visit the bulletin board that more or less got me interested in the 1st place.

And I just got an email telling me to do an install for a user, so... time to stop randomly rambling and get back to work.

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