Monday, August 3, 2009

August Already?

Where does the time go?

Busy week, so only managed a couple of hours of EQ2 on the weekend. Sold a semi-expensive master spell, though, so my plat total is back into "modest" as opposed to "dang, I'm broke!" Should have a research assistant master ready for my coercer tonight too, so I'll have to remember to log in and get it and start something else, I suppose.

In the "EVE Metagame" one of my corpmates posted who in our small corp of 7 characters (6 players) has the most SP in any given training section. Surprisingly, I was highest in the mechanic section, even though I only have about 1.4 million SP there. Yeah, my corp is Caldari shield tankers, and I guess it shows. Thing was, though.. . he just said who had the most, not who had how many or whatever, so I took everyone's limited API's and plugged them into EVEMon and listed out the whole shebang for everyone. Some surprising results, really, though only internal to the corp, I would think, so I won't bore you with them here. Still, there were some general trends I found fascinating.

For example. in the Corporate Leadership section, we all have minimal anchoring skills for secure cans, but the CEO actually has gone a little farther. And since the CEO wants to be our Fleet Commander all the time, he's got tons of Leadership skills to use the warfare links when he's flying command ships also. For drones, we're all in a very narrow SP range, indicating that's about how far you gotta go to be able to use 5 Tech 2 drones and we've gone there and no farther. Stuff like that.

As to RL stuff, one of my aunts died last week so we drove up to Idaho for the funeral on Friday. Waking the kids up early so we could get there made for some crabby kids and a rather stressful drive. We got them a nice lunch before coming back, hoiping it would knock them out, but.. they just kept picking on each other and fighting the whole way until I made my wife drive and I got in the back to separate them. and then suddenly they all fell asleep now that they couldn't keep each other awake anymore. Go figure

Anyway, it was a nice service, and I saw lots of family I haven't seen in 15-20 years, so it was a nice enough day overall. Saturday I took my kids to a new waterpark that was opened this summer. My son has a fear of waterslides for some reason (in spite of the fact that the last pool we went to had a full sized one and he went on it at least 20 times), so he spent the whole time there in the wading pool and lazy river, but the girls both tried every slide at least once, and then repeated slides down their favorites. After 3 hours, though, they were cold, in spite of it being 95 degrees and sunny. I spent the whole time there under an umbrella and still managed to get a light sunburn on my arms. No idea how, but such is life.

Anyway, that's my boring post for today. Only "stupid computer" thing for today is that the print server went down and the 1st call we got about it, right after I said "I'll notify the server guys so they can start working on it" asked me "Do you have a timeframe for when it will be fixed?"

HELLO! I just told you I'm not going to be the one fixing it, so how would I know?

But of course we have to be polite, though I'll admit I was a bit blunt and thus replied "How would I have such a thing? I just told you I'll notify the server team, but how long it takes them is up to them." She seemed a bit taken aback, but . . geez. EVERY time we have an outage, the 1st question is ALWAYS "When will it be fixed?" And guess what question we do not, can not, and never will have an answer to? It's frelling annoying!

And I'm shutting up now becuz I have to take this newly imaged PC across the hall to the dropoff/pickup office so that the lady it belongs to can come get it.

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