Monday, January 17, 2011

Gwen's Walking!

She's been taking a step or 2 every so often for the past couple of month when she couldn't think about it and "just went" but yesterday she finally decided that she didn't want to pop down and crawl to where she wanted to go and thus started lurching around all over the place. Teri's calling her a zombie due to how she's got her arms stretched out in front of her and how she does kinda lurch as she takes her steps.

I should have at least updated back at her 1 year appointment with her statistics then, but. . well, I often forget I have this blog, frankly. She was 20.3 pounds (35th percentile still) and . . I don't recall the exact height but she'd gone up to 90th percentile, so she's even taller and skinnier now than she was. She can still barely fit her 12 month sized pajamas, but for the most part we've got her in the 18 month size now. They still "swallow her up" but she's growing fast, so that won't be for long.

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