Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby Update

Gwen's started reaching for and playing with things in the last couple of days. She's done it semi-randomly for about a week or so, but started showing real progress in it on Tuesday. today, she was unerring and had a blast playing with the "hanging toys" while on a mat on the floor for a couple of hours today. She's also started to laugh a little bit in the past week or so also, but the odd thing about it is she only does it for a second or so, and only Teri can get her to do it.

In other news, job search continues apace. I went to the DWS office the other day and they blatantly stated they're trying to make it so everything is done online anymore and the physical locations be phased out. They showed me a few ways to more effectively use their site, but that's about it. I also talked to a certification school about looking into working toward an MCSE cert, since I'm thinking that might help me break the barrier into Netadmin/Sysadmin-type jobs, which is where I've always been looking to take my career path. I'm a darn good desktop support guy, but my work experience beyond that is pretty limited, so methinks a cert would help to show potential employers that I do possess at least the fundamental knowledge and I can build on it quickly.

Sadly, I know the test will have a lot of questions that are trivia, and not well suited to an actual working environment. One place I interviewed at had a test to take before the interview that asked things like "How many pins on a DIMM memory chip?" Who cares? You just match the ram with the slot, and who cares how many actual pins are in the thing? It also asked the hertz speed of PC2700 ram. Again, who cares? I'd just put PC2700 ram in about 400 machines in the prior 2 months at my old job and never once did I care what its hertz speed was.

But you know that you still have to be able to regurgitate that kind of trivia for the tests, so....

Cert house programs look to be quite expensive, so I'm thinking I'll be needing to simply buy books on the subject and self-teach. Frankly, I can't see that as being any less effective than having someone else read the book to me in a classroom and having me pay them for the privilege.

And in completely trivial news, I got my Shadowknight to level 90 in EQ2 a couple of days ago. Yay me, and all of that. . . .

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HappyCamper said...

The Home Study course for you will be way better. You do it on your own and probably much quicker.

Thanks for the update. Give little miss angel and squeeze from me.