Thursday, March 24, 2011

Phish phish phish!

I saw the "from address" as "Amazon Corporate Ofice" and already knew it was bogus. The "Reply Back Immediately" that the real Amazon NEVER would use only confirmed it, but thought I'd check to see how bad it was. Judge for yourself:

Dear e-mail User,

Your e-mail address was selected as a winner of 900,000 Great Britain Pounds in Amazon
-2011 Consumer awards Program-.
All participants/beneficiaries were selected randomly from Worldwide Amazon online
networks of Consumer/Sales & Marketing lists.

You are required to re-confirm your Bio-Data as stated below to enable;Dr Warren Payne of
The Amazon Corporate Office,United Kingdom,to begin in processing of your awarded funds.

(1) Full Names:
(2) Address:
(3) Country:
(4) Nationality:
(5) Cell Phone #:
(6) Age:
(7) Occupation:
(8) Zip Code
(9) Sex:
(10) E-mail Address:
(11) Annual Income:

Kindly forward all your details reply to: at Albanian domain
Note:This is to officially inform you that your payment will be sent to you via Bank Wire

Mr Spencer Johnson,

(Amazon Corporate Office, European Zonal Co-ordinator)
-2011 Consumer awards Program-
United Kingdom.
Bad spelling, incredibly wrong punctuation, stilted language . . . . it obviously came through an online translator rather than from another English-speaking nation, and well. . . the email address was Albanian. So easy to spot . . . . and yet people still fall for these. Sad, really.


HappyCamper said...

Thanks for the reminder. You are right, many of us still get caught in these things.

HappyCamper said...

You are right. Many still get caught in these traps. Thanks for the "exercise caution and discernment" warning.