Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Approaching Halloween already?

Amazing how time flies, isn't it?

Not a whole lot has really happened, though. How exciting is "work, eat, sleep, repeat?"

Granted, the new TV season's started and I've discovered that I quite enjoy Castle and Dancing with the Stars. Got the DVR set to record all the "Man vs. Food" episodes, but after Sunday's "marathon" they did, as well as the sheer number of reruns they have for it... I have 1 more epsiode and then I am wholly caught up, methinks, so I can set it to only catch new episodes. I don't know why, but I just love that show. . . . .

Dollhouse this past week was simply amazing. Too bad that the rumor mill still has the show on thin ice and expected to be canceled after 12 episodes this season :-(

Work's still work. People are so helpless that they call us to map network drives that they have the paths for, so all they have to do is type them in, but. . . nope they don't do it. Ah well -- it's job security, anyway.

On my video gaming front, I'm still playing more DDO than anything. I suppose if I actually got off my duff and joined a bigger guild in EQ2 it'd be more exciting for me -- maybe even a guild that raids. I'm home in the evenings anymore, after all. We'll see.

And we do have 1 piece of "big news." Teri's been wanting to get a cat for a long time, and we said that once we got into a place of our own (not an apartment) that we'd get one. So we did this past Saturday. Adopted a 3 month old kitten from the Humane Society. Cute little gray tabby cat. Very sweet disposition, loves to play, already litter trained (though he did have 1 accident on the 1st day), and we're thrilled to have him. We've named him "Kozmo Kitty, Lord of Kaos" but just call him Kozmo. Wooli's still a bit concerned to have him around, but he seems to like her and tries to cuddle up to her every so often -- which freaks her out and she runs off. Teri had 2 adult cats when she got Wooli, and 1 of them and Wooli didn't get along so well, so it seems she's remembering that and is thus a little leery of him yet. For his part, he did hiss and spit at her a lot the 1st day until he realized she wasn't gonna hurt him, and now he seems to think she's pretty awesome. He's settling in pretty well too, we think. He's taken a nap on my chest while I was watching TV the other day, and he's napped on Teri while she's been reading also, so he seems to like us both. Sometimes he follows me around like a little puppy, so Teri's calling him a "daddy's boy" but we'll see how that goes over time.

Yeah, with the baby due in 2 months it might be a little nuts to have also added a kitten to the family, but with luck there won't be allergies and we'll all have a grand old time. We shall see. . . .

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