Monday, September 14, 2009

Moving Weekend

We closed on a house last Tuesday, it was recorded officially on Wednesday, and we started moving in on Wednesday night. Well.. moving our stuff in, anyway. We didn't actually spend a night there until Friday. But we love it! We've got about 80% of the stuff put away now, and my back is killing me (had a disk removed June 08 -- much better now than I was, but it's still twinge-y and tires rather rapidly). The big stuff is done, though. It's mostly just finding places for decorations and knick-knacks and such anymore.

But as a result... no gaming for me this weekend. We ordered cable, but it's not gonna be hooked up until the 25th. So.... got a long skill burning in EVE, and the rest... they'll keep. I did download DDO now that it's free to play now and ran through the early tutorial on Friday before the serious moving began, but that's it.

Today's computer stupidity: Company homepage down, giving a "not authorized" error. 1st 10 or so calls this morning: "Internet's down!"

Except of course, none had actually even TRIED to use the internet, which was working just fine, tyvm! Ay de mi!

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Anonymous said...

DDO is worth a shot. It's a bit more like a single player RPG that happens to have other players that you sometimes run accross in town and always annoy the crap out of you in chat.

I haven't really put in the time to give it a good once over, but so far with just about 4-5 hours played I would rank it kind of ~meh. If you enjoy solo PVE fantasy and chatting with ten year olds in the starter areas then you won't find a better option.